Monday Morning Chit Chat: Father’s Day Edition

This weekend we celebrated Ron’s first Father’s Day!  We met my dad and step-mom along with our good friends (A and E) and E’s mom, at Extraordinary Desserts.  Lunch was so-so but that was okay because we were truly there for the amazing cakes, tarts, scones and other treats.  We gifted Dad a framed photo of him holding a sleeping AJ in his arms (she was probably about 4 months old – photo below).   After lunch we headed home and just relaxed the rest of the day (and did a ton of laundry).

Opa and AJ

Sunday, Ron went out for a Father’s Day surf session with one of his best friends who has two daughters – a 5-year-old and an 11-month-old.  When he got home he opened his Father’s Day presents which included a photo collage I put together of him with AJ, an art project that AJ did in daycare, and an art project that I did of Ron’s hand print covered with AJ’s hand print (saw it on Pinterest but it didn’t turn out quite as good).  We had lunch at Beachside and in the evening I made dinner – Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta – which turned out great (well, it had 10 tablespoons of butter in it and 3 oz of cream cheese – it would have been hard to mess up this one!)


One of the photos in R’s Father’s Day photo collage: I love this one! She’s about 4 months old.


To wrap up today’s post, I’m going to start a blog tradition of filling out a weekly survey of what I’m up to (as seen on Carla’s Blog)

What are you:

Reading: A Storm of Swords (Book 3 in the “Game of Thrones” series)

Watching: Over the weekend I watched the Season 5 finale of “Mad Men.” Ah, I love that show!  I wish I could take the fashion and socially accepted drinking at work into this era (but leave the sexism and racism).

Listening to: Ocean waves at night using a sound machine app on my iPhone. 

Cooking/Baking: See above paragraph – I’m excited to eat leftovers on Tuesday!

Happy you accomplished today this weekend: Folding and putting away ALL our laundry . . . and then organizing and setting aside what we are going to wear every day this work week (for baby and I – a new thing this week – I hope this will help get out us out of the house earlier in the morning.  I love to dress the little one and I tend to linger too long in her closet when I should just be grabbing stuff so we can go! Same goes for me – sometimes I can’t decide what to wear and it’s an agonizing process of trying on multiple pants/skirts/shirts before I’m “ready.”)

Looking forward to next this week: an all day work meeting in LA on Thursday where I’ll get to see a lot of industry peers I only get to see every six months or so. . . and AJ’s first swim lessons on Saturday!

Thankful for today: My husband – he’s a really wonderful dad and he loves us both so much.

*bonus question*:

If you could have just one item off of your wish list right now, what would it be??  A cupcake stand like this one – for AJ’s 1st birthday party which will be cupcake themed! 


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