Monday Morning Chit-Chat: Pool Edition

Water Baby! AJ loves splashing in the pool.

Ugh, I really want to blog more regularly but it seems like all I do is post these Monday morning posts (brought to you by Carla)!  Oh well, at least it’s better than nothing! What are you….

Reading? A knitting pattern for a winter beanie (with ear flaps!) for AJ.  I just have to put the finishing touches on it and it will be done!

Watching? Last night I was watching Bridezillas.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that trashy reality t.v. is my indulgence when everyone else is asleep in bed! 

Listening to? Garth Brooke’s Greatest Hits album – borrowed from one of DH’s co-workers. DH and I saw Garth Brooks live in concert at the LA Staple Center back in 2007 (or was it 08?) and it was the best concert of my life.  He was amazing and I’d love to see him again sometime.

Baking/Cooking? I made these delicious blueberry lemon scones on Saturday while my mom was here and playing with AJ (having someone to distract the baby makes baking in the kitchen so much more pleasurable!). I also made this tomato cucumber salad.  On the menu this week is black bean sliders and zucchini corn quesadillas.

  Happy that you accomplished this week? I’m still on budget for eating out and grocery shopping using the cash-only envelope system. I’m pretty proud of that – it hasn’t been easy!

Looking forward to next week? I’m looking forward to my dad and step-mom being back in town and seeing them this weekend!


What goal is your top priority right now?

My top priority is keeping healthy, home-cooked meals on the table in the evenings.  This is the key to staying under my food and eating out budget! 

Ok, your turn!!


It was a busy, long weekend.  I took a half-day off on Thursday to go to DH’s company picnic at Morley Field.  It was such a hot, humid day and something that I did not want to attend with the baby but we went anyway.  DH was proud to introduce me and the baby to his bosses.  He’s relatively new to the company (started in December 2011) so I’m glad I was able to attend and help make a good impression to his higher-ups.

Friday was my “Mother’s Day Off”.  I take a day off during the work week every other month so that I can get my hair done at the salon (a 2.5 hour process) and run errands or do chores without being interrupted.  I can get so much accomplished on these days even with an entire afternoon spent in the beauty chair.  The day went really fast but my hair looks great and I was able to clean my bathroom, do some laundry, scrub down the kitchen and pick up around the house.  I wish I had a day off every week to do these types of things!

Saturday was AJ’s fifth swim lesson at the Y.  My mom met us there and she was thrilled to watch the 30 minute lesson.  Then she came over and played with the baby while I did some baking.  My mom and I have an interesting relationship.  Basically, she drives me absolutely nuts . . . but the baby loves playing with her.  She stayed a few hours past my “mom threshold” but we managed okay.  Sometimes I wonder what my adult relationship with AJ will be like.  Will she feel the same way about me that I feel about my mom?  I will feel successful as a mother if we can have a much better relationship and understanding.  I hope we can truly be friends when she grows up.  Sigh.

Sunday was lovely and relaxing.  DH had to go into work for a bit so I went to C and E’s place.  We splashed in the pool (first time I was in a swim suit since the baby was born . . . blah), BBQ’d burgers and got some sun (a little too much sun in my case! I burned my back). 

And now the week begins!  Have a good one everyone!!


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