Before I start I just want to acknowledge that today is my baby’s 14-month birthday!  Yay!  Today she waved good-bye to me when I dropped her off at daycare.  She’s becoming such a big girl – independent and curious and so very sweet and loving. Her hugs are THE BEST.  Seriously.  She gave me a minute-long hug this morning and I didn’t want to let go until she did. Her head on my shoulder, her arms wrapped around me . . . smelling her baby soft hair . . . does it get any better??

14 months . . . such a short time on Earth for someone to occupy such an enormous part of my heart.

So today I thought I’d blog about affirmations.  My work put my entire division through a leadership training course in August of this year.  It was not your typical training – it wasn’t really focused on the workplace but on what we do and say to ourselves each day that limits us personally and professionally.  It challenged us to overcome negativity and limiting thoughts and people to become who really want to be.  One of the things we practiced was writing positive affirmations and revisiting our statements daily – or more frequently – to help us stay on track toward our goals.

Two of my major goals is related to personal finance and my immediate family.  I definitely could be better with my money.  Some months I am amazing with my cash.  Other months I fritter it away and spend emotionally or frivolously. September was one of these months for me.

As for my relationship with my husband, I would say that it is very good – but marriage is something I believe you have to work at every day.  Life isn’t a romantic comedy and after you say “I do” on your wedding day there isn’t necessarily a “happy ever after.” We have our ups and downs like every body else and I will say that having a baby has definitely introduced new challenges to our marriage as we’ve navigated the ups and downs of parenthood.

Here are my affirmations for October:

Personal Finance

I am deliberate and thoughtful in the way I spend my money.

I don’t give in to impulse or emotions when I feel the urge to purchase something – particularly clothes.

I save money by eating food at home or I bring food from home to eat at work.

When I am good with my money I feel relaxed, secure, confident and happy.

Relationship with DH

I tell DH something good, awesome or special about him every day.

I speak kindly to him and give him sweet looks and affectionate hugs and kisses.

When I feel negative about our relationship I think instead of what is right.

I always assume good intent with him and his actions.

When I act and think lovingly toward DH I build a stronger relationship for us as a couple and as parents for AJ. This makes me feel loved, cherished, secure, at peace and content.

So, there you have it!  That’s what I’m working on this month! 

Do you write affirmations?