Fridge Friday

I’m inspired by Simply Being Mum’s Fridge Fridays, “No Waste Tastes Great” blog posts.  Every Friday she posts a photo of what’s in her fridge, highlighting the waste (or lack there of!). Not only is it a great exercise in keeping your fridge tidy and clean, but taking a weekly inventory can help you meal plan more efficiently and frugally.

So, here’s my first Fridge Friday post (and by the way, I’ll be posting one week retroactively, so these photos are actually as of last Friday):

Let’s start with the waste after I cleaned it out:

Wasted food = money down the drain. Sad face.

I threw away (from left to right):

  • half a container of Coffee-Mate (When I decided to take a more whole foods approach to my diet I stopped drinking this – too much added sugar.  I use half-n-half now.)
  • a bunch of wilted cilantro*
  • 1/2 cam of corn
  • left-over home-made bean burger patties (in the container with the blue lid, it was a Pinterest recipe flop)
  • a bunch of dried/wilted basil*
  • 1/2 of a shrimp quesadilla from our favorite Mexican food place

And this is what I was left with (after a trip to the grocery store for new supplies . . . next time I’ll try to do this post before the shopping trip):

Top shelf:

Fish (for dinner on Monday), lunch meat (something we rarely buy because it’s not that health but we had a “make-your-own-sandwich” buffet when my parents were over on Saturday . . . cheaper than eating out! This will be used for my lunches at work), an egg salad deli sandwich (purchased by DH . . . eaten by me), whole milk yogurt (for the bubbah), applesauce

Middle shelf:

two containers of spinach (for dinner and lunches), Country Crock margarine (rarely use this anymore now that we use real butter), bottled water and two Pepsi cans (the Pepsi’s were for my step-mom who is a Pepsi-aholic – no joke, she is SUPER addicted to soda.  We need to have an intervention!)

Bottom shelf:

Blueberries( in the metal collindar), a box of butter (hidden from view by AJ)

Bottom left drawer:

various shredded/sliced cheeses and two zucchini

Bottom right drawer:

Bottled water (DH has a bottled water problem . . .)

Here’s the door:

Top shelf: 1/2 an avocado that AJ will eat, pumped milk, a container of sliced blueberries for AJ, strawberry jelly, a bottle of breast milk for the bubs, mustard, two bottles of syrup (the gross, corn syrup-y cheap kind that I prefer not to eat anymore). 

Middle shelf: OJ, Organic whole milk, two containers of half-n-half, ranch dressing, sliced pickles, ketchup and salsa

Bottom shelf: bottled water, a beer, sparkling pear juice, white wine

I didn’t bother with my freezer this week because, my goodness, it is a disaster zone.  One of these days I’ll showcase it as well. 

What’s in your fridge?

I’m off today.  AJ’s daycare is closed for a professional development day and I’ve never left her with a babysitter, so I decided to enjoy the day off with her!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Peace and love,


*After throwing away the sad looking basil and cilantro, I wondered if I could have done something to save them?  Any ideas on how to put wilted herbs to use . . . perhaps I could have dried them??