Monday (afternoon) Chit-Chat, Ready for a New Month Edition!

First, a little Monday (afternoon) chit-chat, brought to you by Carla:

Bubs and her “best baby friend” taken Saturday afternoon.

What are you….

Reading? A new blog I just found called “Princess Nebraska.”  I spent way too much time going through her archives . . . love her home improvement/decor photos and her fashion posts . . . oh, and her book reviews.  Inspiring!

Watching? Tonight the Bachelorette is on!  I’ll probably tune in for a little bit before I crash. I know, it’s complete trash . . .

Listening to? Dave Ramsey on the radio during my lunch break run to the bank.

Cooking/Baking? This week I’m making Mexican Lasagna.

Happy you accomplished this week? Moping the floors and wash the shower curtain and liner in my bathroom on Sunday.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but sometimes the little tasks like this get neglected.

Looking forward to this week? Having Wednesday off for Independence Day! We are planning on going to a house-warming/cook-out at a friend’s new home. It’s a little weird to have a mid-week day off but I think it’s make the work week go by super fast.

Thankful for today? I’m thankful for a new month, a financial “do-over” and clean slate!

*Bonus Question*

What are the top 5 tasks on your “to do” list this week?

  • Be super productive at work considering that it’s a shortened week!
  • Finish painting the shadow box for AJ’s home-from-the-hospital clothes.
  • Bring my lunch to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Do “something” with those over-ripe plums in my fruit basket before they spoil
  • E-mail baby-sitter to cancel (keep putting this off – for a date mid-month, would have been the first time we would have left AJ with non-family but we decided we couldn’t do it yet!).


As I mentioned above, I’m really grateful for the start of a new month.  I get paid only once a month – the first business day to be exact (TODAY!)- and last month money went through my fingers like sand.  I spent much more than I should have on clothes and accessories for both me and the bubs. I ate fast-food WAY too much (8 trips to McDonald’s alone!! Ick, feel gross just thinking about it.). I frittered money like it was going out of style!  And I’m supposed to be paying of my credit cards (right now just above $4K).

SO.  This month I am resolved.  This month, I shall put an end to this two-steps-forward-one-step-back nonsense. This month I am . . . doing the cash envelope system! Dah-dah-DUM!

I’ve been keeping a spending journal for the last three months and this is what I noticed from the exercise, I use my credit cards and debit cards way too much. I pull out the plastic for every. little. purchase. – from coffee in my company’s convenience store to party dresses for my little one (baby clothes are my Achilles heel). And I forget about them (well, until I write them down in my notebook about once a week . . . then I’m like, OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! but by then it’s too late, the damage is done. Cycle repeat.)

So today, I went to the bank on my lunch break (whilst listening to Dave Ramsey – very appropriate!) and withdrew $300.  $200 is for groceries and $100 is for eating out. I think the grocery budget is going to be tight but I don’t have much wiggle room because I over-spent so much on my credit cards last month and I HAVE to pay it off this month or else it will drive me crazy.  We can do it on $200.  I will be the queen of the casserole!

A little financial experiment – we’ll see how it goes this month.  I’m kind of excited.  If this works, next month I will be able to go nuts and pay off a huge chunk of debt because I won’t have back slid!  That will be an awesome feeling.

Have a great week, everyone!

Peace and love,