WIP Wednesday: Knitted Dishcloths, form meets function

I finally have a couple of finished products to showcase!  I finished two knitted washcloths this morning.  Here are the beauty shots:

Knit Pick’s organic cotton – cable-y goodness

Peaches N Cream cotton yarn – I love the blue stripes! So cheerful!

 Dishcloths are the perfect “quick” knit and easy to pick up and put down when you have distractions (like a toddler!). 

Recently I was reminded of how icky kitchen sponges are. I don’t remember exactly where I read this fact but did you know that kitchen sponges can be one of the dirtiest and germiest places in your house? They are right up there with the remote control.  Gross!  You are supposed to de-germ-ify your sponges every day but that’s not something I’ve ever been in the habit of doing. 

The great thing about cotton dishcloths (especially handknit ones!) is that they are durable, easy to toss in the wash and more environmentally friendly!  And they are pretty!  Form, meet Function! 🙂 I’m planning on making many more.  My goal is to have at least seven for the kitchen (one for every day of the week) and then seven for my bathroom so I can toss the poof (another germy item) in the trash. I think it might be difficult to convince DH to replace his poof (wonder if there is a way to knit or crochet one – there must be!) but I’ll be working on him next. 😉 

This project fits well into some of my personal finance goals as well: 

Dishcloths can be used to wipe down the counters, the baby after a meal, and they have a multitude of household uses. This equates to less use of paper towels, baby wipes and those swiffer duster things I buy. I’d love to become a greener, zero paper towel household (again, would need to get DH on board with this). 

These dishcloths are knit with cotton from my stash of yarn.  Folks, I have a HUGE bin and several plastic bags full of yarn in my daughter’s closet. It’s accepted in knitting (and I’m assuming sewing and other crafting) culture (I know, it sounds ridiculous that there is such a thing as “knitting culture” but there is!!) to have stashes of supplies. On Ravelry (a knitting/crochet website) people even post photos of their massive stashes like it’s something to be proud of!  But I can’t judge too much – I used to drool over those stash pictures and purchase yarn like crazy – I love yarn! And I love knitting!  (I even went to a conference in Portland on JUST sock knitting). 

Today, I truly have so much yarn that it would take me YEARS to knit through it all. Also, yarn is not cheap.  Yes you can buy it cheap at Michael’s or other big box craft stores (and the cotton I’m using for my dishcloths is actually really inexpensive) but most of my skeins are from specialty yarn stores with delicious blends of fibers like wool, silk, alpaca, cashmere . . . you get the picture. I’m cut off. No more yarn until I’ve used up what I’ve got! 

So there you have it, knitted dishcloths – what are the good for? Absolutely everything! 🙂 Tell me, what do you use to wash your dishes? Washcloths, sponges, or something else?

Peace and love, Margie


The Joyful Daily Groove and Work In Progress Wednesday

(Pinterest photo credit)

Lately I’ve been noticing that I have been doing a lot of wishing away of the present. I have all of these goals . . . I want it to be the weekend, I want to buy a house, I want to have another baby, I want to pay off my car and be consumer debt free, I want to work part-time, I want to go on vacation, I want to have time to go to yoga class, I want a massage and I want all of these things other material things that are not attainable in this moment.  But the thing is, this moment is pretty darn good.  No, it’s actually pretty freaking great – but I’ve been too focused on the future, racing to the next goal post, and haven’t been enjoying the ride that is life.

My life is, TODAY, has been showered with abundance!  So, I decided that starting today, I need to refocus my inner voice that is telling me that my life isn’t good enough. . . because it IS.  In fact, from here on out, I’m going to end every blog with three things I’m grateful for because it’s not about the boring daily grind, it’s about the joyful daily groove.  Am I right?!

Work In Progress Wednesday

I’m finally starting to get back into knitting after many months off after the birth of my daughter.  I’m easing myself into it with a few simple projects and right now I’m working on a washcloth.


Cotton washcloth


Yeah, I know, don’t faint from excitement. Could I be knitting anything more dull than a brown, cotton washcloth? But hey!  There are yarn overs!  And cables! 

Another project in progress was inspired by Pinterest.  Man, I LOVE that site.  I saw a few shadow box displays that people had put together of newborn clothing and I thought it was a pretty awesome way to display the teeny tiny onesie that AJ wore when she came home from the hospital! This one is my source of inspiration:

(Pinterest Photo Credit)

incidentally and, sort of oddly, I actually have a shadow box that is perfect for this that’s been sitting around collecting dust as I figured out what exactly I wanted to use it for, but the finish is a dark wood.  So, over the weekend, I started painting it and this is what it looks like as of today:

Probably should have thought of priming it before I started painting. . .

It’s going to take a few more coats of paint . . .

But I’m excited – I think it’ll look pretty good when its done!

Today I’m grateful for . . .

1. My job, which is mentally stimulating and brings me into contact with interesting and friendly people on a daily basis whilst also providing a solid means of providing for myself and my family.

2. My daughter, who started waving at me happily when she first saw me this morning.

3. Having the time to do 20 minutes of yoga this morning before packing lunches and getting the day started. It’s an excellent way to wake up.